Online Enrollment

There are 3 steps for the enrollment:

1. Fill out the online form on the 4-H Online database: Online Enrollment Form -Youth and Parent information including address, phone numbers, email address, emergency contact and demographics are required. Please refer to the 4-H_Online_Family_Guide_CCE.pdf to enroll online if you have any questions. 

2. Download and sign “Enrollment_Declarations_2017-2018_updated.pdf” form: It is a double side document, please make sure to read and sign all pages. You can send the document in by email with electronic signatures, or scanned with readable/legible name and signatures. Email to: with Subject: Enrollment Declarations+"Youth Name"

If you are sending electronic file, we will accept only scanned document in PDF format. You can also print it and send by mail.

3. Pay Enrollment Fee $15 / youth: Payment can be done by Paypal, checks or cash. Checks are payable to CCE Onondaga. Please fill out this online payment slip:

The registration will be approved on the 4-H Online after the steps 2 and 3 are complete (Enrollment Declarations and payment are received in the 4-H office).


There are 3 steps for the re-enrollment: 

  1. Retreive password
  2. Log into the account
  3. Reset the password.

Follow 4-H_Online_Re-enrollment_Guide_CCE.pdf and complete the re-enrollment


Last updated November 9, 2017