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Save The Rain Tree Planting Program

Save the Rain aims to implement a combined strategy of green and gray infrastructure improvements to help prevent stormwater runoff pollution in Onondaga Lake.

The Save the Rain Tree Planting Program has developed a street tree planting strategy for neighborhoods throughout the City of Syracuse.  The program has partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse Parks Department to identify planting sites and coordinate tree planting and care.

To date, the Save the Rain Tree Planting Program has planted over 7,000 street trees in the City.

Trees are planted at no cost to the property owner.  All trees will be planted within the City of Syracuse's right-of-way to allow trees to grow over our sidewalks and roadways, preventing storm water from entering the local sewer system.  Once planted, the tree will be the City of Syracuse's responsibility to remove if it dies or becomes hazardous. 

STR assessing a site for tree planting

Is Your Property Eligible for a Free Tree? 

Trees will be sited as far as possible from existing infrastructure to reduce instances of utility and sidewalk conflicts.  If there are no overhead utility wires, a tall growing tree may be chosen for the location.  If wires are present, a lower growing tree will be chosen.  The trees will be about 8-10 feet tall when planted.  Environmental conditions such as soil compaction, road salt exposure and drainage will be assessed for each potential tree planting site.  Species will then be selected according to the conditions of each site.

Tree Planting

Volunteer with us!

Throughout the year, the Save the Rain Tree Planting Program organizes volunteer events to engage residents of Onondaga County in planting trees in their community.  All are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.  Sign up to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities!

For more information about Save the Rain, please visit:


Kristina Ferrare
Resource Educator, Forestry
315.424.9485 x231

Last updated July 26, 2019