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Cooking Together for Family Meals

Cooking Together for Family Meals is a series of six weekly classes designed to help middle-school age children and their parents work together to prepare quick, healthy and low-cost vegetable – rich meals and enjoy eating them together. These hands-on classes focus on adding a variety of vegetables such as dark leafy greens, winter squashes, cruciferous vegetables and beans to family meals. The children develop cooking and food safety skills and parents gain confidence in their child’s abilities to help with food preparation.

Cooking Together workshops are offered in partnership with partners in our community. Our educators bring the research-based curriculum, the dialogue approach to learning and techniques to engage families in cooking and learning together. Our partners provide the space and financial support to help purchase the food and supplies needed.


Katie Oja
Nutrition Educator
315.424.9485 x254

Last updated May 8, 2018