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Resources to Minimize the Language Barrier

Resources to Minimize the Language Barrier

At the 2024 Becker Forum in Syracuse, hosted by the New York State Vegetable Growers Association, farm owners requested some resources from the Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development to help bridge the gap between language barriers. Below are some of the tools to help your workforce overcome some of these common issues on farm:

Translation Tool for Any Language:

  • SpanishDict: all-encompassing app with translation capabilities and even basic lessons.
  • Lingee: for translation accuracy; it compares against other previously translated materials.
  • Camera Translator (Apple) (Androiiod) move your camera over words and have them translated in real time.
  • Talkao – voice translator
  • Whatsapp – all internationals use this app because it is free (off ofusing Wi-Fi) to talk globally. Inside of Whatsapp there is a small button that uses GoogleTranslate (Apple) (Androiiod) to translate any messages. (Only for Androiiod, Apple will need to copy and paste)

Language Learning Apps for any phone (free versions tend to be limited):

Learn Spanish Tools:


  • University of Wisconsin Farm and Industry SPANISH FOR DAIRY INDUSTRY SERIES (Fall 2024, SPRING 2025) Cost around $200 per series
  • Agvo Kate: 8-week sessions featuring live Zoom sessions, catered specifically for the Agricultural world. Cost $598
  • Spanish Pod 101 – Short Audio & Video Lessons for Fast and Easy Learning

Free Written Materials:


We need your help…

Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development wants to start a list of resources farms have used and enjoyed. And we are looking to compile a list of verified translators all over New York and beyond so that farm owners can access their help for farm meetings and other events. If you are know of any great resources you would like to share with us to add to our current list and if you know of any translators that would like to be on our online contact list, please email Mary Bess Lewis at ml2656@cornell.edu

Share this information in Spanish with your workforce:

Recursos escritos para aprender inglés:

Fragmentos de audio: La Universidad de California ofrece un recurso con audios en su página de web: Learn English Audio

Recursos Escritos:

Podcasts para aprender inglés: Podcasts:

  • Aprender Inglés: Números 1-101 (The Earbookers) (Apple) (Spotify)


APPS: Aplicaciones de aprendizaje de idiomas para cualquier teléfono (las versiones gratuitas tienden a ser limitadas):

Necesitamos su ayuda…

El Departamento de Desarrollo de la Fuerza Laboral Agrícola de Cornell quiere comenzar una lista de los recursos que los ranchos ven útiles para el desarrollo lingüístico. Y estamos buscando compilar una lista de traductores verificados en todo Nueva York y más allá para que los propietarios del rancho puedan acceder a su ayuda para reuniones y otros eventos. Si conoce algún recurso excelente que le gustaría compartir con nosotros para agregar a nuestra lista actual y si conoce a algún traductor que le gustaría estar en nuestra lista de contactos en nuestro sitio de web, envíe un correo electrónico a María Bess Lewis al ml2656@cornell.edu


By Mary Lewis, Cornell University. Permission granted to repost, quote, and reprint with author attribution.
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