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Tick Study


Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County is now recruiting 50 property owners to take part in a study involving mice, the dominant mammalian reservoir host for the Lyme disease bacterium. Potential participants would have over 1 acre of land, see regular animal activity (aka deer multiple times a week), and the property would have or be adjacent to a wooded area.

  • The study would begin in spring 2024. The owners would need to agree to participate for multiple years (up to 5) and allow access to the property approximately 6 times a year (once each quarter to replenish mouse bait, and up to twice during the spring nymph season for tick drags- about 4 weeks in late April-May). We will remove all ticks captured on drags for disease testing.
  • The study may involve placement of small rodent bait stations on the property. No poisons will be used and the study will be minimally invasive to the property. Any equipment placed will be maintained by CCE Onondaga.

Contact Harry for more information!

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