Skaneateles Dock

Skaneateles Lake provides drinking water for 200,000 residents.

HAB in Skaneateles Lake
Image by Nigel Moll

Avoid Harmful Algal Blooms (above) as they produce toxins harmful to humans and pets


There are no treatments for private water intakes that can remove the toxins found in HABs

city water supply

Public water supply: supplier is required to treat, disinfect, and monitor water for users

Skaneateles Watershed Education Program

Riparian Planting Project Update!

Click here to read the brief project summary covering the riparian buffer volunteer planting project led by CCE Onondaga this Fall in the Skaneateles Watershed.

Click here to watch video news coverage of the project filmed by SUNY ESF Series 'Going Green'. Aired on Spectrum News 12/16/2019

This service learning stewardship project was funded by the City of Syracuse Water Department and Onondaga County Soil and Water Conservation District through Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agricultural Program principal funding.

Click to access the Species Guide and Planting Rationale for this planting project.

Click here to access the 2018 CCE Water Quality Newsletter: 
Skaneateles WAVE Review

CCE programming in the Skaneateles watershed brings workshops, trainings, educational materials, volunteer and stewardship opportunities, and updates related to water quality protection to the watershed community.

The Skaneateles Watershed Education Program works to protect the water quality of Skaneateles Lake, the primary drinking water for 200,000 residents. The City of Syracuse has funded this program since 1996. 

The Skaneateles Watershed Education Program works to:

  • reduce non-point source pollution in the watershed
  • improve watershed health and water quality
  • connect residents, homeowners, farmers, landowners, and municipal officials with information and opportunities to implement evidence-based best practices for protecting water quality
  • fulfill the City of Syracuse’s filtration avoidance waiver

Last updated January 7, 2019