4-H Onondaga County Horse Show Group Photo

Onondaga County 4-H Horse Program at the 2013 4-H County Horse Show!

4-H youth at dairy barn

This 4-H club visits a dairy barn

4-H Horse riding

A 4-H Youth member trains for an upcoming english riding competition

I pledge my hands to larger service.

Get involved!

4-H Takes You Places banner image

Where can 4-H take you?

4H Cornell Vet School Open House

Cornell Vet School Open House

4-H Youth

Welcome to the Onondaga County 4-H Program!

Nationally, over 6 million youth belong to 4-H. In Onondaga County, we offer local and county-wide 4-H clubs, after school 4-H opportunities, connections to 4-H camps and statewide 4-H activities.  Visit our pages or call our office to learn more!

Last updated May 29, 2020