The first community garden for SyRAPP on Seward St., Syracuse NY

SyRAPP: The first community garden at Seward St., Syracuse NY.

SyRAPP: Seward St. Community Garden

SyRAPP 2017: Building hoop house and cold frame at Seward St Garden

Sweet potato harvest

SyRAPP: Sweet potato harvest in 2017 season!

SyRAPP: Seward St Community Garden

SyRAPP 2017: Eggplants and tomatillo at Seward St community garden

SyRAPP 2018: Crop planning

SyRAPP 2018: Crop planning

SyRAPP 2018: Food safety class

SyRAPP 2018: Food safety class with CCE Nutrition team

SyRAPP 2018: Goal setting

SyRAPP 2018: Setting learning goals for coming season!

SyRAPP 2017: Guest lecture

SyRAPP 2017: Guest lecture at Seward St community garden

SyRAPP 2017: Harvest

SyRAPP 2017: Beautiful harvest of a day at Seward St community garden

Urban Agriculture

CCE Onondaga supports local food production and urban agriculture in Onondaga county!

Syracuse Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program

What is SyRAPP?

SyRAPP is a three-year program run by Refugee and Immigrant Self Empowerment (RISE) and provides people from refugee community classroom and hands-on learning in agriculture production, business planning, marketing mentorship, and ESL to increase food security, create safe spaces for cultural exchange, and provide economic opportunities in northside Syracuse. Currently, participants from Bhutanese, Nepali, and Somali communities are learning how to farm organically in an urban area under the northeastern US climate, which is dramatically different from their home countries. CCE Urban Ag educator works with SyRAPP to provide classroom and hands-on learning for agricultural production, topics of which encompass crop planning, soil fertility, irrigation, integrated pest management, harvest and post-harvest handling, food safety, and food processing.

SyRAPP in Action

Started in 2017, SyRAPP created a thriving community garden with an urban plot at the corner of Seward St. and Rosewood St. in northside Syracuse. This one functioned as a training garden for the first year and will serves as nursery for the second year. In 2018, the program will create another community garden where new participants can gain their first year training, and second year participants will expand their production atSalt City Harvest Farm (Kirkville, NY) where each participant manages an ⅛ acre plot. With marketing mentorship from Brady Farm (Syracuse, NY), participants bring their fresh produce to the local community through Brady Faith Farm CSA (Syracuse, NY) and other local markets.


Kayo Green
Urban Agriculture Educator
(315) 424-9485 x233

Last updated July 26, 2019