An older woman and a young boy prepare a healthy snack.
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A nutrition educator and a small group taste test fruits and vegetables.
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ESNY Programs

Eat Smart New York offers a variety of programs and resources for both adults and children. 

Adult Program Series 

are offered for eligible county residents in collaboration with our agency partners at centers in communities throughout Onondaga County.

For more details on the specific six session workshop series see our Eat Smart New York program series . These include parents of school-aged children; residents in D.S.S. based workforce development programs, families enrolled in the WIC and Head Start program and parents of youth attending Syracuse City Schools.

Participants engage in interactive nutrition education and food preparation programs and will learn skills to eat better for less.

Participants learn new ways to include more fruits and vegetables in the recipes they prepare for their families.

Participants learn new ways to include more fruits and vegetables in the recipes they prepare for their families.

Topics focus on how to:

  • Stretch limited food dollars
  • Prepare quick and healthy recipes
  • Plan meals and learn food shopping tips
  • Manage portion sizes
  • Choose more fruits and vegetables
  • Follow safe food preparation techniques and more.

We offer six-session workshops and single-session, offered at collaborating program sites throughout the community.

Youth Programs

Youth nutrition education program series are offered primarily through partnerships with the Syracuse City School District and the Syracuse City Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth.

Youth nutrition education classes are interactive, learner-based with age-appropriate activities and food preparation sessions. We use a dialogue approach to empower youth to take charge of their health. We provide the tools to help youth to be more mindful about their food and physical activity choices and encourage youth to practice new behaviors in a supportive, positive environment.


Healthy Eating and Active Living series for 8-12 years old youth features six hands-on interactive lessons with food experiences, games and active play.

Cooking up Fun is an integrated nutrition, And youth development program designed to help youth ages 9 to 14 (grades 4 to 9) acquire independent food skills. The goals of Cooking up Fun are two-fold:

  • To increase food skills.
    •   To promote positive youth development.

    Cooking Together for Family Mealsis a youth-based, obesity prevention program that engages youth and their parents or primary caregivers to gain cooking and communication skills to encourage healthy family food decisions. The six-session, family-based program teaches families how to prepare vegetable-based family meals that focus on a variety of orange, leafy green, cruciferous vegetables, root vegetables and legumes.
  • Last updated July 26, 2019