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Onondaga Grown & On Farm Fest

About the Onondaga Grown Campaign

Onondaga County is home to over 650 farms. These are our neighbors, working hard each day so families like yours can enjoy the very best produce, dairy, meat, maple, honey and much more. Bring the best to your table. Buy Local. Buy Onondaga Grown.

The Onondaga Agriculture Council, in partnership with local media outlets, has launched an awareness campaign that runs from June 2017 through October 2017. The campaign’s mission is to connect the community with the 650+ farms in our County. Through radio, TV, and social media, you’ll hear about all the goodness grown right here in Onondaga County – and where to find it at local farms, farmers markets, grocers, retailers, and restaurants.

On Farm Fest

Enjoy a day on the farm with family-friendly tours. Pick up fun giveaways: coloring books, crayons, totes, stickers and more. Discover the latest advances in agriculture. Meet the farmers who grow your food. Explore what life is like on an Onondaga County farm!


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Last updated October 2, 2017