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NYS Ag and Markets Announces Round 14 of the FPIG Grant Program

Farmland Protection

Over two-thirds of Onondaga County’s land area is actively farmed land, forests and open space, with over 150,000 acres in farms alone. Our farm landscapes and vistas are one of the most prized assets in the region. The agriculture industry in the County also contributes hundreds of million of dollars to the local economy and creates rural job opportunities.

View the current full Onondaga County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan:

For more information on the State’s farmland protection program, visit or Onondaga County Farmland Protection at Please contact the Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency with any questions related to this Pre-Proposal process (435-2611 or Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County is also available for technical assistance questions 424-9485 or 

For applicant/partner information, you are encouraged to contact SOCPA or an eligible applicant (your municipality, Soil & Water Conservation District, or local land trust). For land trusts, visit the New York Agricultural Land Trust at or the Finger Lakes Land Trust at Thank you for consideration of this exciting opportunity to preserve farmland in Onondaga County!

FPIG Workshops are held yearly, please check out Events page for more information.


Janet Oppedisano
Agriculture Team Leader

Last updated September 18, 2023