Onon Cty Youth Fair
4-H youth at dairy barn
4-H Onon County Fair

4-H Clubs

A 4-H Club consists of 5 or more school-age youth, guided by one or more adult volunteers. The 4-H Club’s goal is long-term youth development, which encourages its participants to learn life skills that will help them grow into healthy and productive citizens. Onondaga County 4-H Program enrolls youth that are ages 8-19 as 4-H Members. Youth which are 5-7 years of age may enroll as Cloverbuds. Clubs with mixed or blended ages are allowed, as long as the Leader understands developmental stages in children and always follows the guidelines and rules for age appropriate activities and safety. More information can be found at the NY State 4-H webpages.

4-H Club is an informal, educational youth opportunity, which serves as a “hands-on” laboratory for helping youth grow in any or all of the following ways:

  • How to make thoughtful decisions
  • Developing a zest and skill for lifelong learning
  • Learning positive socialization skills by working in a group and as part of a team
  • Improving their communication skills
  • Learning and using practical technical skills
  • Acquiring confidence and a positive attitude toward self
  • Enhancing citizenship skills by developing an awareness and involvement in their community
  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills
  • Exploring possible vocations and careers
  • Learning to manage time wisely and set priorities
  • Interacting with adults who act as role models and have a positive influence on their lives
  • Spend quality time with their parents in mutually rewarding setting

Club reporting:

  • Enrollment forms or re-enrolling members and volunteers due Oct. 1
  • Enrollment forms for new members due within one month of joining club
  • Club Financial Reports and End of Year reports due by Sept. 24th

Club Leaders:

  1. Meets leadership requirements and enrolls as leader
  2. Follows the policies, philosophy, and procedures defined by staff and the CCE board
  3. Fulfill outlined volunteer requirements with no monetary compensation
  4. Be supportive of the CCE program and its activities at all levels
  5. Abide by the CCE Volunteer Code of Conduct
  6. Affirm that the CCE program actively seeks members from every race, ethnic, religious, and social-economic group
  7. Supply CCE office with all information about changes in the group or club, including memberships, as they occur.
  8. Serves as advisor to club officers
  9. Arranges appropriate meeting facilities
  10. Ensures that the club and its membership play an active and visible role in the community
  11. Ensures that information about meetings, events, activities, other opportunities and program or policy updates are communicated to members, leaders and parents in a timely manor.

Last updated March 17, 2016