County Resource Library

4-H Onondaga team has various program guides, curricula, and educational kits. 4-H club leaders and volunteers are welcomed to borrow them by filling out the Equipment Loan Request Form.

Healthy Living

  • Choose Health: Food, Fun and Fitness (activity guide for 8-12 year olds: six hands-on, interactive lessons with food and games)

Engineering & Robotics

  • Drone Discovery (aeroengineering, educational kit)
  • Rockets to Rescue (aeroengineering, educational kit)
  • Incredible Wearables (wearable technology, educational kit)
  • Motion Commotion (science of motion, educational kit)
  • LEGO Mindstorms (robotics, educational kit)
  • ECO BOT Challenges (robotics, educational kit)

Animal Science

  • Horse Science 
  • Horses and Horsemanship
  • Dairy 2 - Mooving Ahead (Project Activity Guide)
  • Dairy 3 - Rising to the Top (Project Activity Guide) 
  • Cattle Foot and Month Disease (pocket guide)
  • Youth Leader Manual - Equine Education Plan and Activities for Youth Groups (digital)
  • (Horse) Show Strategy & Ring Presence (DVD, video)
  • Animal Industry Careers (video)
  • Chicken Egg Incubator (tool)


  • Entomology - Group Helper's Guide
  • Entomology 2 - What's Bugging You? (Project Activity Guide)
  • Entomology 3 - Dragons Houses and Other Flies (Project Activity Guide)

Natural Resources

  • NYS Conservationist for Kids - The Great Lakes (booklet)
  • NYS Conservationist for Kids - Understanding Acid Rain (booklet)


  • Marshall Mentor Program - Handbook
  • Marshall Mentor Program - Notebook

Workforce Readiness

  • Get in the Act! Helper's Guide - Workforce Readiness Group Activities for Middle School Youth
  • Lose the Resume, Land the Job by Gary Burnison (book) 

Club Management

  • 4-H Family Handbook - Family Guide to 4-H
  • Welcome to 4-H - New 4-H Member Guide
  • 4-H Officers Handbook


  • Coloring Book
  • Exploring 4-H - Cloverbud Activity
  • The Big Book of 4-H Cloverbud Activities - Life Skills and Learning for K-2 Youth

You don't see what you need in the list above? Please contact us, and we will help you to find it!


Kayo Green
Urban Agriculture Educator
(315) 424-9485 x233

Last updated April 22, 2019