NY State Fair

4-H at State Fair is synonymous with fun, excitement, interactive learning, and more! For 13 days, youth from around New York attend Fair as representatives of their county Cooperative Extension and 4-H offices. The 4-H Youth Building offers a dorm upstairs to accommodate youth and families attending Fair.

New York State 4-H Youth Developoment is fortunate to have continued support from the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets and Cornell University for our strong presence at State Fair. Through our parntership, we are committed to an engaging experience for families. We highlight the best of 4-H, positive youth development, and New York itself through a focus on agriculture and animal care; public presentations; renewable energy; health and fitness; robotics; teen leadership; arts and crafts; and more.

Each couny participating in fair is assigned a 4-day rotation for exhibiting in the 4-H Youth Building. The 4-H Youth Building and our many animal barns act as showcases of youth learning and effort to make their best better. Inside the 4-H Youth Building, near Gate 4, county booths are spaces for interactive activities and exhibits for Fairgoers of all ages.

4-H youth, ages 8 - 19 years of age, participate in State Fair and are provided opportunities to:

  • Display exhibits or offer presentations that demonstrate learning
  • Enhance individual learning & skill development
  • Receive recognition or participate in invitationals based on county or District achievement
  • Learn & recognize standards of quality
  • Learn & apply research-based subject matter
  • Promote public awareness of the 4-H Youth Development program
  • Develop career readiness and teamwork skills
  • Have fun

2019 State Fair Information

Onondaga County Rotation @ Youth Building

August 30th - September 2nd, 2019

Scheduled Theme Days

Wed – 8/21 – Opening Day – TBD

Thurs – 8/22 – Healthy Living Day (Food Challenge)
Friday – 8/23 – Pride Day/Safe Spaces (PiNY)
Sat – 8/24 – 4-H/FFA/Alumni Day
Sun – 8/25 – Fiber Science Day (Fashion Revue)
Mon – 8/26 – TBD
Tues – 8/27 – Celebrate NY Day (PiNY)
Wed – 8/28 – Natural Resources & Outdoor Education Day (Outdoor Cooking and WHEP Challenge)
Thurs – 8/29 – TBD
Friday – 8/30 - Celebrate Poultry and Animal Science
Sat – 8/31 – Sustainable Food Systems (PiNY)
Sun – 9/1 – STEM Day (Robotics Challenge)
Mon – 9/2 – Labor Day – TBD

Last updated July 26, 2019