Program Enrollment

4-H Enrollment Process in Onondaga County

4-H program year starts every October and run through September of the following year. Program enrollment opens every October 1st, and the enrollment needs to be renewed annually. Returning youth for year 2018-2019 are recommended to complete their enrollment by February 2019. We are accepting new members throughout the year. Here are what enrollment processes look like for both prospective and returning members:

For Prospective Members (New Enrollment)

1. Creating your family account on 4-H Online: 4-H Online is the nation wide database for  4-H program where youth and parent are asked to share information including address, phone numbers, email address, emergency contact, and demographics. We also use this account to track progress of youth. 

2. Filling out “4-H Enrollment Declarations 2018-2019: This a three-page document which includes  code of conduct, parental consent, risk waiver, photo release, and medical release. Both youth and parent/guardian are expected to sign on this document.

3. Paying enrollment fee ($15/youth or $30/family): Payment can be done by Paypal, check, or cash. Checks are payable to CCE Onondaga. Online payment option via PayPal is also available!

Before your start the enrollment process, please contact county 4-H staff (Kayo Green | to find a 4-H club that fits your interest!

For Returning Members (Re-enrollment)

1. Updating your 4-H Online account: Retrieve password, log into the account, and reset the password. 4-H Online Re-enrollment Guide PDF will be helpful for you.

2. Filling out “4-H Enrollment Declarations 2018-2019 (needs to be done every program year)

3. Paying enrollment fee (needs to be done every program year)


Please contact county 4-H staff (Kayo Green | for any inquiry in regard to program enrollment!


Kayo Green
Urban Agriculture Educator
(315) 424-9485 x233

Last updated March 18, 2019