We can all take steps to ensure that our water is safe and pure.
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We can all take steps to ensure that our water is safe and pure.

Water Quality and Watersheds

CCE Onondaga works to brings workshops, training, educational materials, volunteer and stewardship opportunities, and updates related to water quality protection to watershed communities throughout Onondaga County. 

A watershed is an area of land that drains all the streams and rainfall to a common outlet, like a lake or ocean. Watersheds are important because the water quality of a body of water is affected by things, human-caused and naturally occurring, that happen in the land area "above" and around the water in the watershed. We can't control everything that happens in the watershed (i.e. rainfall and weather), but it is important that we take steps to control what we can. 

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Best Practices for Road Salt Use

Read for more information on the health, environmental, and financial costs of Road Salts and for tips on how to reduce unnecessary over-application. Guide designed for homeowners, private contractors, and those applying rock salt or deicers.

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Landscaping for Water Quality

Landscaping can control the flow of water and retain it during heavy storm events. Rain gardens are attractive features that you can add to your yard.

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Pond weeds

Aquatic Weeds & Algae

Decisions about aquatic weeds have consequences for swimming, fishing, and environmental quality. We recommend a step-by-step approach to weed management.

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Water Quality

Find consumer information about drinking water, home water treatment, wells, septic systems, bottled water, and other water quality issues here.

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Stream retoration

Stream Reconstruction

Visit our list of links to find information on how to rebuild your stream following a flooding event, and on the advantages of creating riparian buffers.

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Private Wells

Homeowners with private wells are responsible for maintaining their own water supply. Regular testing and inspection are recommended to keep your drinking water safe.

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Last updated January 16, 2019